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Air Greenland

Air Greenland, Greenlands national airline, with years of experience in Arctic conditions where the weather is constantly changing, we make most destinations in Greenland accessible. Air Greenlands aim is to take an active part in the development of Greenland as an attractive adventure tourist destination, which in the coming years will have special focus on off season adventurers.

Contact Us:

Vivi Knudsen, Key Account Manager

Siaqqinneq B-1842, Postboks 1012, 3900 Nuuk

National Tourist Board and DMO

Albatros Arctic Circle

Albatros Expeditions: Small ship cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic on ice-class vessels, creating an intimate journey to remote polar regions.

Albatros Arctic Circle: A full-service DMC giving adventurous travelers an extraordinary visit to Greenland’s ice cap and the Icefjord of Ilulissat. The company also owns various camps and hotel in Greenland.

Contact Us:

Soeren Frederiksen

Toendergade 16, 1752 Copenhagen V, Denmark

Malik Milfeldt

Expedition cruising and DMC / Accommodation

Arctic Cruises - Arctic Adventure

Your travel partner in the Arctic since 1983
We desig hotel based, soft adventure itineraries which gives any traveller a chance to explore the Arctic.

Our ambition is to make the North Atlantic a realistic choice for most people:
•Guaranteed departures - open for individual bookings.
•Experts in tailor made tours, private jets, family or specialist groups.
•We offer multi-lingual guides, with a passion for the region
•We operate our own tours and excursions.

Contact Us:

Jens Hildestad

Brolæggerstræde 6. BAGH, 1211 Copenhagen, Denmark

Lisbeth Friis Andersen, Product Manager

Tour Operator and DMC

Greenland Travel

Tikilluarit! It means welcome in Greenlandic and as a specialist in designing tours to the biggest island in the world - we want to make sure your guests receive the best welcome possible. We speak the language; we understand the culture and we are committed to support local suppliers when creating itineraries that are second to none. Greenland travel; it`s in our DNA!

Contact Us:

Caroline Ellis, Business Development Manager - UK/US

Wilders Plads 13A, 1. sal, 1403 Copenhagen K

Lisbeth Friis Andersen, Product Manager

Tour Operator

Ilulissat Tours

Ilulissat Tours offers boat tours and other tours in Ilulissat, Greenland. Ilulissat Tours has local boat drivers, bus drivers and guides which insures that the guests get the local experience.

By working with Ilulissat Tours you don`t only get the best service you also support the local economy.

Contact Us:

Ivik Knudsen-Ostermann, Co-owner

Kussangajaannugaq 18, 3952 Ilulissat, Greenland

Tour Operator

Sila Greenland DMC

Sila Greenland DMC partners with local operators to craft bespoke adventures for travel agents. In Greenlandic, "sila" means both "weather" and "state of mind". These elements become interwoven when traveling in Greenland – a place that every visitor finds unique, and where many rediscover the true spirit of adventure.

Contact Us:

Lykke Geisler Yakaboylu, Owner & Director

Grundtvigsvej 34, Copenhagen

Destination Management Company

Visit Greenland

Greenland is one of the world`s great adventure and exclusive cruise destinations.

To visit Greenland you must be a pioneer, as the powerful and untameable nature defines how locals and travellers experience the country.

To encounter all elements of the Big Arctic Five you must immerse yourself in the wildly different winter and summer seasons: Northern lights (w), dog sledding (w), ice and snow (w,s), whales (s), and the pioneering people of Greenland (w,s).

You can fly to Greenland from Reykjavik, Keflavik and Copenhagen. The locals of Greenland invite you to experience their unique culture and nature.

Contact Us:

Idrissia Thestrup

Hans Egedesvej 29, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland

Liz Cooper

National Tourism Board

Visit South Greenland

Visit South Greenland focuses on tourism marketing, management and product development for the entire region of South Greenland.

Contact Us:

Sarah Woodall, Destination Manager

Torvevej 34, PO Boks 313, 3920 Qaqortoq, Greenland

Regional DMO

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